John Smith
‘Worse Case Scenario’, 2001-2003
Video, black-and-white & colour, sound; 18 minutes
Edition of 5 + 2

"An exploration of the ambiguities of documentary photographs which develops ideas triggered by a German pun. ‘Worst Case Scenario’ starts out as a series of still photographs depicting daily life on a Viennese street corner. The film re-orders and manipulates a selection of these images, and as it progresses the static world slowly and subtly comes to life. As Sigmund Freud casts his long shadow across the city, an increasingly improbable chain of events and relationships starts to emerge.[...]This new work by John Smith looks down onto a busy Viennese intersection and a corner bakery. Constructed from hundreds of still images, it presents situations in a stilted motion, often with sinister undertones. Through this technique we’re made aware of our intrinsic capacity for creating continuity, and fragments of narrative, from potentially (no doubt actually) unconnected events." - Mark Webber, London Film Festival, 2003

"Smith’s 30 years of eccentric, good-humoured and enlightening radical filmmaking opened up endless possibilities for visual creativity. His ‘Worst Case Scenario’, comprising a stream of movie-like images from rapidly shot camera stills taken on a Vienna street corner, is an exquisite documentation of everyday waiting, eating and road-crossing, with just a whiff of Freud." - Keith Gallasch, Realtime magazine, 2003

42nd Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA 2004
Gus Van Sant Award (best experimental film)
Griot Editorial Award (best editing)