'Untitled (30.III.2010)', 2010
3 stacks of A4 paper, inkjet print
75-85 (H) x 21 x 29.7 cm (each)
Edition of 3 + 2 AP 

Domanovic’s series of paper-stack sculptures act as printable monuments to the recently abolished .yu virtual domain, the Internet identification string of former Yugoslavia that dissolved in 2010 - seven years after the Republic’s dissolution. This ongoing series is comprised of A4 and A3 sheets of paper piled into steles. By printing the sheets full-bleed on the margins only, an image is formed on the lateral sides of the stack through the accumulation of thousands of sheets piled up. In the “paper-stacks”, the query of monumentality is as important as the visualisation of content sourced from the internet: they exist in two states, a virtual one (as online PDF document) and it’s physical manifestation. Their subjects, varying from images of football hooligans to the ruins of the former Hotel Marina Lucica situated on the Croatian coast, belong to the symbolic iconography of the new states that emerged after Yugoslavia was dissolved.

‘Untitled (30.III.2010)’ comprises three stacks of A4 paper, their margins printed to reveal cropped, colour images: a violent crowd at a football match between Serbia’s two most popular teams. Sourced from Flickr, the outlines of the images have been photoshopped to trace the billowing smoke from the hooligans’ flare guns. This sculpture, as if materializing from this vaporous digital image, serves as an apt monument to Yugoslavia’s recently defunct political and viral domains.